Customer Service

1. Business Introduction

1.1 What is a MCLOUDS?
MCLOUDS is a one-stop physical miner mining platform released by Mars Blockchain. It provides customers with open, fair and transparent real mining services. It uses centralized procurement and co-construction mechanisms to reduce mining costs. At the same time, the time-sharing model of miners and facilities can reduce the threshold for customers to participate in the mining industry, and to provide safe and compliant mining investment channels. It solves a series of problems for users from purchasing to hosting miners.
The strategic partners of Mclouds include (in no particular order): BitLand, Canaan Cultivation, Shenma Miner, Hummingbird Miner, . The Mclouds's strategic partners include (in no particular order): BitLand, Canaan Cultivation, Shenma Miner, Hummingbird Miner, .

1.2 How does MCLOUDS work?
MCLOUDS links the industry's top miner manufacturers, mining facility, mining pools and professional maintenance teams, gathers stable mining resources at a fair price, and reduces overall operating costs and user mining costs.
MCLOUDS provides miner Rental, Sale, Joint mining and other services. According to the user's choice, MCLOUDS will dispose of miners in different ways and provide unified operation and maintenance services. For details, please refer to the following business type.

1.3 Contact Information
Email Address:

2. Account

2.1 What should I do if I forget my login password?
Click "My-Login" in the function bar, select "Forgot Password" to enter the login password retrieval function, provide the corresponding account security information to verify your identity as instructed, and enter and submit a new password.
If you cannot provide other account security information, select "Contact Customer Service" in the password retrieval function.

2.2 How to add secondary verification (2FA)?
Click "My-User Center" in the function bar, choose to add Google Authenticator, scan the displayed QR code in Google Authenticator, or manually enter the serial number, fill in the verification code displayed by Google Authenticator, and other account security information Then click "Add".

2.3 What should I do if the secondary (2FA) validator is lost?
If the secondary authentication method is lost, please contact customer service.

2.4 How do I invite friends?
Click "My-Referral" in the function bar, copy the invitation code or invitation link generated by the system, or download the invitation poster and send it to your friends. Friends who register a MCLOUDS account through the invitation code and invitation link will be deemed to have successfully accepted the invitation. The invited account purchases and completes the payment, and the inviter will receive the corresponding invitation reward according to the current activity rules.
The rewards obtained from the referral activities can be used to pay for orders for MCLOUDS products and pay for electricity bills.

2.5 How to check my referrals?
Click "My-Referral" in the upper right corner of the home page, and the "Number of Inviters" area will display the total number of invitees and the amount of referral received. The referral can only be obtained after the invitee uses the invitation code or invitation link to register, and pays to complete an order. The referral is not capped.

3. Orders

3.1 How to pay?
After selecting the corresponding product, click "Buy Now", select the electricity payment method PREPAID or DEDUCTION on the pop-up order information page, and select the corresponding number of days; select the payment method supported by the product, if the funds are sufficient, click " "Pay Now" to complete the payment, if the funds are insufficient, click "Prepay Balance".

3.2 Introduction to miner related costs
The main costs of an order can be divided into miner fees, electricity fees, and operation and maintenance fees. According to product types, miner fees can be divided into miner Lease fees, miner purchase fees, and miner deposits.
Miner Cost: The miner rental fee is the miner rental fee/miner purchase fee, and its pricing will be adjusted according to market changes. The actual purchase price is subject to the user's payment, and MCLOUDS will not compensate for the price difference. In addition to the miner cost, in order to ensure the stable operation of the miner in the later stage, the user also needs to pay the corresponding electricity fee and operation and maintenance fee for the order.
Electricity Cost: The miner in operation requires the user to charge and pay the electricity fee in time. The electricity fee is calculated according to the rated power of the purchased miner and the electricity price indicated in the order. The user can choose to prepay the electricity fee or deduct with income. If the user's prepaid electricity bill is exhausted, MCLOUDS will automatically deduct it from the mining revenue; if the revenue is not enough to pay the electricity bill, MCLOUDS will temporarily shut down the affected miner and notify the user through the contact information reserved by the user.
Operation and maintenance Cost: MCLOUDS will charge operation and maintenance fees for all miners, and provide miner entrusted management services, including miner transportation, site support, daily monitoring, miner maintenance, repair, hashrate guarantee, etc. The operation and maintenance fee will be deducted from the daily hashrate income.

3.3 How do I check the status of an order?
Click "Orders" in the function bar, and select to enter the corresponding order summary page, where you can view the status of all orders.

3.4 How long does it take to generate coins after payment?
During the user's purchase process, the order start time will be displayed on the order details page, and the user can view it on the order details page after payment is completed. Generally speaking, 'Lease' products will generate coins soon, while 'Perpetual' products need to wait for miners to be transported, installed, and tested to generate coins.

3.5 How to check and recharge electricity bills?
Click "My Hashrate" in the function bar, check the remaining electricity bill at the bottom of the page, and click "Prepay Balance" to enter the payment function. The electricity bill payment records and consumption records can be queried on the electricity bill order summary page.

4. Income

4.1 How to check the miner status?
Click "My Hashrate" in the function bar, you can view all running products here, and click the product name to display the specific status of the product.

4.2 How to calculate expected return?
In the expected return calculator provided by MCLOUDS, select the product type, miner model and quantity, and the system will calculate the expected return based on the selected product and current network data.
You can also choose to enable variables such as network difficulty and coin price expectations in the advanced calculator version to estimate mining rewards.

4.3 How can I view earnings details?
Click "My Assets" in the function bar, and the page displays the income details of all holdings of hashrate. Click the currency area to view the daily income details of orders in the corresponding currency. At the same time, click "Revenue Details" in the hashrate order list at the bottom to view the daily revenue details.
You can also see the earnings details in the corresponding product details on the "My Hashrate" page.。
The mining revenue is settled daily, and the revenue is obtained after deducting the electricity fee and operation and maintenance fee from the actual hashrate, and the user can manually transfer it to the wallet.

4.4 Why is my mining output dropping?
Mining output is not only related to mining resources such as miners and mining pools, but also related to the total network hashrate, difficulty and other states. In addition to the fluctuation of hardware hashrate, the proportion of miner hashrate and mining pool hashrate will affect the proportion of mining output that users can allocate, and the hashrate ratio will always be in a state of change; the total network hashrate and network difficulty It will affect the overall mining output, and the network difficulty is frequently adjusted according to the hashrate of the entire network, resulting in the user’s hashrate income always fluctuating, some of which will cause the mining output to decline.

4.5 Situations that could cause earnings to fluctuate:
Since mining is affected by various factors such as miners, mining farms, mining pools, the hashrate of the entire network, and difficulty, it is normal for income to fluctuate. MCLOUDS does not promise to guarantee stable income. Among the leased products, MCLOUDS guarantees that the miner selected by the user will maintain uninterrupted operation, and immediately switches to other miners of the same type after the failure of the miner to protect the user's income; among the products with permanent property rights, MCLOUDS guarantees the operation and maintenance of the miner selected by the user, During the operation and maintenance service period, the miner will be repaired free of charge, and the mining electricity fee will not be charged during the maintenance period.MCLOUDS is not responsible for the losses caused by the following uncontrollable risks: objective events that cannot be foreseen, unavoidable or insurmountable, including natural disasters such as floods, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, landslides, fires, and those that have been assessed by government departments as rare in a century or above Storms, severe weather, etc., government actions and government orders, city-level grid power supply accidents, and social abnormal events such as wars, strikes, turmoil and other normal business risks other than any risks.

5. Price Adjustment Rules

5.1 Miner price adjustment rules
Miner pricing is affected by factors such as the mining recovery cycle, production capacity, and currency price expectations. If coin price is expected to appreciate strongly, but the production capacity of miners does not increase on a large scale, the price of miners will increase significantly. Similarly, When the medium and long-term price of the currency price is expected to decline, the price of the miner may also decrease. The price of miners sold by MCLOUDS will be adjusted according to the market price of miners.

5.2 Electricity and management fee adjustment rules
The electricity fee and management fee will be displayed in plain text before the user pays. The electricity fee will be deducted on a daily basis according to the rated power of the mining machine, and the management fee will be automatically deducted from the mining revenue. If force majeure factors occur (such as government actions and government orders to increase regional electricity prices, urban and above-level power grid power supply accidents lead to increased power transmission costs, etc.), resulting in an increase in the electricity price, after the system adjusts the electricity price, the user will pay the electricity fee at the new electricity price.